Personalized primary care for America’s workforce

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Advanced primary care has proven 15% cost savings through better care, but has been difficult for self-insured employers to purchase, until now...

The only national and value-based advanced primary care network

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Through a single, easy-to-administer contract, you get access to a national network comprised of over 3000 locations and coverage in all 50 states

For employers

The easiest and most affordable way to connect your members to advanced primary care

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Provide member choice

High-quality providers best suited to the individual needs of all your members
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Access a national network

A single contract connects your members to the best advanced primary care across America
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Pay for value

Payments are aligned with value; measured through total-cost-of-care and quality

For members

Connecting members to better, more personalized primary care with lower out of pocket costs

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Access to high-quality providers

All providers accepting new patients with same and next-day sick visit availability
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Lower out-of-pocket costs

Members never pay more than $25 for all included services and most visits are free
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Get rewarded for joining

Members receive additional wellness credits or premium discounts for joining

For advanced primary care providers

The most scalable way to grow your commercial population under value-based arrangements

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Channel partner

Cost efficient way to add commercial value-based members
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Access new members

Bringing members from geographically dispersed self-insured employers
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Easy implementation

Aligned consistently manages economic arrangements and quality measures

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