We are on a mission to increase America’s healthspan

Working families deserve better

Despite employers best efforts, the American healthcare fee for service model fails the very people it should serve - patients, providers and employers

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Health insurance premiums increased 43% over the past decade and employers, who already account for almost half of private health insurance spending, are now on a collision course with a projected 53% increase in total health care costs by 2031 (from $4.6 to $7.1 trillion)
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Yet, accessing healthcare is not affordable, more than 40% of insured working households do not have enough assets to pay a typical deductible and 43% report delaying needed care due to cost
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As a result our healthspan and life expectancy is well below nearly all other high income countries, we believe we can do better!

Our vision is to provide 100M+ American employees and their families with an affordable, accessible, high-quality, and aligned advanced primary care experience​

Our operating principles

We aim to operate our business with a shared commitment to a way of working that creates a strong foundation for continued growth and success

We think win-win

We are transparent and assume positive intent. We believe highly engaged team members lead to great product and highly engaged customers, which lead to great investor returns.

We have a growth mindset

We are continuously learning.  We have strong opinions, loosely held.  We listen first as a means to understand.

We keep our commitments

We do what we said we were going to do.

We have an urgency in pursuing our mission

We have a bias towards action and are proactive in moving the industry forward.

Founding team

Our founding team is composed of individuals with a diverse range of skills and experiences, all coming together to address one of America's most critical and challenging issues. What sets us apart is our shared deep-rooted desire and motivation to accomplish our mission: to enhance America's healthspan

Headshot of Patrick Nelli.
Patrick Nelli
Headshot of Peter Monaco.
Peter Monaco
Data Engineering and Analytics
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Crystale Lapham
Member Engagement and Marketing
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Taylor Larsen
Data Science and Claims Data Expertise
Headshot of Alex Wess.
Alex Wess
Ops and Business Development

Our advisors

Our team of advisors bring decades of experience from varying industries to Aligned Marketplace. As leaders in healthcare, employer sponsored health plans, human relations, and more, this group is here to support Aligned Marketplace with expert advice and industry insights as we grow and develop

Naomi Allen
Brightline, Teladoc, Castlight
Lesly Ayers
BetterUp, Omada
Hassan Azar
EHIR, US Foods, Delphi, Ford, BCBS, WTW
Greg Bellomy
Bayada Home Health Care, CareATC
Dan Burton
Health Catalyst, HB Ventures, Hewlett Packard, BCG
Brian Klepper
National Business Coalition on Health, The Center for Practical Health Reform
Noah Rosenberg, MD
Dispatch Health, Steward Health Care, UMass Chan Medical School
Mark Spektor, DO
Clover Health, CarePoint Health
Melissa Welch, MD, MPH
Health Catalyst, InnovAge, Blue Shield of CA, Aetna, Harvard Medical School

Our investors

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