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How Aligned Works

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Works together with your existing
health plan to unlock free and unlimited* patient-first primary care
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Choose from a curated selection of high-quality primary care provider groups only available through your Aligned membership
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All providers are accepting new patients with same and next-day sick visit availability, so you start receiving better, more personalized care right away
*Free care depends on the medical plan the  member is enrolled in: PPO is free and HDHP is a low Fair Market Value. Unlimited care is dependent upon the selected provider group and the included services they offer. Aligned will clearly articulate  included services and free or lower cost when you’re choosing your provider group.

Better care puts patients first

Once you’ve chosen a primary care provider group, you’ll experience a care team that’s always focused on quality and outcomes over patient volume. They’ll take the time to really listen and get to know you to address both your physical and mental well-being. This personalized approach leads to better care and enhanced support throughout your health journey.

A dedicated primary care team

Never pay more than $25 for unlimited, high-quality urgent and preventative primary care services from providers who support your long-term health. Many provider groups also include low-cost on-site medications, mental health, physical therapy, wellness services and condition management.**

**Included services depend on your employer and selected provider group. Aligned will clearly articulate the included services and costs when you’re choosing your provider group.

Quality care at lower cost

You’ll have 24/7 access to virtual primary care and, where available, convenient locations for in-person services, extended office hours and same and next-day sick visit availability, so you don’t have to wait weeks to get the care you need.

Access anytime, anywhere

Your care team will always refer you to high-quality, in-network specialists. They will even help coordinate your specialist referrals to ensure continuity and ease the headache of searching for the best option on your own.

Easy-to-navigate specialty care

Many of our exclusive, thoroughly vetted provider groups focus on delivering care to specific populations, such as people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, Hispanic individuals, individuals with obesity, Generation Z and more.

Culturally competent care

In addition to primary care, your selected provider group may offer additional low-cost included services like mental health, physical therapy, wellness and condition management services as part of your Aligned membership.

More than primary care

“After one visit, I knew he was the doctor for me. He takes the time to listen and trusts that you know your own body. I recommended him to a number of family members and friends who all see him now.”

Jackie R.

“My doctor listened to my concerns and took my complicated medical history seriously, while keeping me up to date on new medical findings that pertain to my health and wellbeing... even coordinating with my specialists after being hospitalized!”

Ed S.

“No matter how small or big the issue may be, he is always concerned not only with my physical well-being but my mental well-being.”

Eric B.

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Save money with Aligned

Lower your out-of-pocket costs

When you join Aligned and select a provider group, you unlock unlimited, lower out-of-pocket care. As a member, you’ll never pay more than $25 for a visit, and depending on your health plan, most visits will be completely free.

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Get rewarded for joining

Your employer is committed to you and your family’s health and well-being. That’s why many employers will offer wellness credits or a premium discount when their employees join Aligned. So, on top of access to better care at a lower cost, you’re getting additional perks just for signing up and actively participating in your Aligned membership.

Want your employer to offer an Aligned Membership?

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FAQs for Employees

Get Started

How does the Aligned membership work with my existing health insurance plan?

Aligned doesn’t change your existing health insurance plan, and it’s not a membership you have to pay to be a part of. Instead, your employer provides it as an add-on benefit to accompany your current health insurance plan. It offers unlimited, free access to preventative and urgent primary care, mental health services, on-site medications and more. For all other needs, like specialty or hospital care, you will use your health insurance plan benefits as you normally would.

Do I have to change my primary care doctor to get this membership?

Having a strong primary care relationship is an important part of staying healthy. To get the benefits of the Aligned membership, you need to develop a relationship with one of the primary care provider groups in our curated selection. But the good news is activating your membership is completely risk-free. If you are not fully satisfied with your selected provider group, the Aligned team will help you find a better fit.

What happens if I join but continue to see my existing primary care provider?

The most impactful primary care relationship is one where your primary care provider can understand all your healthcare needs and direct your care to help you achieve your goals. For this reason, we recommend that you select one primary care provider and see them as often as possible.

In addition, your employer may no longer provide your wellness credit if you are not actively engaging with your selected provider group.

Will there be a transition of care if I switch from my current provider?

Yes! When you join Aligned, your selected provider group will automatically receive a summary of your medical history. This allows your new providers to assess any gaps in your care and recommend things like preventative screenings, labs and more. Then, they will generally ask for a transfer of your full medical records from your current provider to get the entire picture of your health history. The process for handling this varies, but your provider group will guide you to ensure they have the necessary information to deliver personalized care.

I have important existing relationships with specialist providers. Does activating this benefit prevent me from seeing my specialists?

Absolutely not! With this membership, you are free to see any specialist available to you within your employer’s health insurance plan. The Aligned membership does not limit your specialist network. Your care team at your selected primary care provider group can assist you by providing referrals to high-quality, in-network specialists and coordinating your care.

Is this benefit available to everyone in my family?

The Aligned membership is available to you and any adults on your employer-sponsored health insurance plan. Aligned is not available for dependents under 18 at this time. However, if the primary care provider group you choose through Aligned offers pediatrics, your children may visit using your health insurance plan. They just won’t receive the free benefits included in your Aligned membership.

Why is this better than the traditional primary care providers I’ve seen?

Provider groups available through Aligned offer a more comprehensive range of benefits than a traditional primary care practice, with an increased focus on access to care, healthcare experience, and medical outcomes. Members consistently describe the improved experience when partnering with a primary care provider that proactively improves and maintains their health rather than waiting to treat them once they’re sick.

What if there aren’t any in-person primary care groups within the Aligned network nearby? Can I still participate?

Yes! Even without nearby in-person primary care providers in our network, Aligned offers a range of virtual patient-first provider groups that can meet your needs regardless of where you live. In addition, if you need in-person care, these provider groups can help connect you to a community specialist in your health insurance plan network.

Do you offer any options that are considered culturally competent?

Yes! Aligned offers a range of provider groups that focus on delivering care to specific populations, such as people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, Hispanic individuals, individuals with obesity, Generation Z and more! These provider groups offer a wide range of services, but each may be a strong fit if you identify with any of the groups specifically served by these providers.